Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rumble Belly Blues

On the great 'No-destination-destination' road, one must eat and one must also endulge from time to time.
So how do you go to Ireland and eat a duck without having to perch yourself near a Fairy mound with a Slingshot and stones?
Well, appearing brittly famished outside of a four star restaurant never fails... but how do you do it and maintain your dignity?

In this post I will uncover the most thrifty eats for the Vegabond, Tramp, Hobo and homeless oh.. and the Traveler of course!

Methods of Munchy Conservation!

Every healthy eater knows that eating small portions consitently versus large quantities irregularly maintains both your energy and your appetite. This is the most essential key to keeping your minds eye ready for all the oppurtunities that arise while wandering.
Some great Grazing goods are as follows:
-Apples, Bannanas, Kiwi's , Any handy fruit
-Granola, nuts, apricots, raisons etc.
-Small leafy salads, cucumbers, slices of vegetables
-(for the meat eater) pepperettes, pepporoni etc
-alot of water / juice

One of the best ways of maintaining both your budget and your appetite is to simply Sleep through those moments of the day when you would most likely be feasting. Just consider yourself a big burly bear and your wallet or lunch bag a frozen river! Also when you awake, you can look forward to a good hearty bite!

Various virtually free hearty meals:

Breakfast: (the essence of the day!)
-Toast with marmolade, jam, butter or just dry!
-Tea - versus Coffee (keeps you hydrated + its much better for you)
-An apple, bannana or other
-milk ( if its at your disposal) and gronala
*-Porrage practically freely cheap and very satisfying on cold mornings!

Mid-day "Lunch"
-Tuna Fish or Sardines on Bread (Sardines are the cheapest high protein alternative. And they generally come in a Tomato or Oil Base which is great with your bread)
-Fruity Salad Hostels always have dressings and spices- Grab some Greens, splurge on some Strawberries, pine-nuts, raspberries or apples. Throw in a bowl toss some balsamic vinegrette and your sound.
*- 'C.A.W.B' Among all these lesser meals, one taste stands alone. Its basicness and classyness is always bound to impress and it gives you a good mid day poison dose.Cheese, Apple, Wine, Bread.

The Grande Finale
Although every meal is as important as the last. Dinners always looked forward, from toddlers to tinkers from homeboys to hoes... We're all get down with our dirty self around dinner time. So what do you prepare on a budget when your hurtin for some eats?
Spagetti -Class stereotypical traveller, student, poorman meal. Easily prepared, cheap as dirt and satisfying. BUt you dont have to settle for simplicity. Add some oregano, rosemary, garlic, chili peppers, fingernail clippings! anything to spice that shit up!
*Stir-fry - Always my alternative to spagetti. Though it takes more creativity and time.. But its absolutly worth it. My fave mixture involves Chili peppers, green/red/yellow peppers, onion, scrambled eggs, pine nuts and various spices ! mhmm.. then sprinkle with Black sauce and your rollin!
Fish and Chips- Class Irish/ British Meal.. chop up some spud, sprinkle with rosemary douse in Oil throw in the oven. Drench your freshly fished cod or Halbut in some Flour throw in a pan fry it up. Serve with none other than a room temperature Stout! (for a twist. Crunch some un sweetened cornflakes up with your flour to give your fish that extra crisp! )
Burritos- Fix yourself some Rice and heat your ass some beans chop some veggies and Wrap up a storm then do the boogie woogie and drink a bottle of Tequila!


Pint of Guiness with a Scoop of vanilla Ice Cream and sprinkle cocoa!

Alright so those are some options to cheap eats on the Road.. I got carried away so this is also my example of food for every day life!

One last option to the famished is of course! Get others to Cook for you!! Scottish Girls to bring Cheese Cake is always welcomed and food from the heart is always the bestist!

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